0-16, The Day After

In a year when this city has reached new lows and seen some of the worst economic news amongst any state, 0-16 was a fitting end to the 2008 calendar year. Unlike any year previously, the morale of this city has really gone in the wrong direction as fear and doubt have taken over. In this same climate, Detroiters have essentially placed themselves in a number of different categories when it comes to the Detroit Lions. Which one are you?

The Apathetic Fan: “They’re the Lions. Does anybody go to games anymore? I don’t see how a family of four can spend $300 to watch a team that seemingly doesn’t care. I used to go to games years ago at Tiger Stadium and haven’t really watched them in years.”

The Angry Season Ticket Holder: “They’re keeping last year’s ticket prices at the same level for this nonsense? How do they expect to keep the seats filled at those prices? I swear, if they don’t improve by next season I’m dumping my tickets. I don’t know what’s become more of a strain – the economic hurt this puts on me or watching this team lose every week.”

The Eternal Optimist: “Change has finally come to Detroit! Mayhew is an up-and-comer and he will finally be calling the shots at the draft. We have the number one pick and not even Millen could mess that up. Speaking of Millen, I sure don’t miss him around here. New coach, new GM, new draft picks, new Lions team in 2009.”

The Band Wagoner: “I’m glad this team went 0-16, that should let the Fords know they are incompetent to put a team together. Did you see those signs at Lambeau on Sunday? Man, our city is becoming a joke to the nation. This city will always be Hockeytown! How long again until Opening Day?”