11 Years Ago Today the Tigers Played Their Last Game at Tiger Stadium

Eleven years ago today the last major league baseball game was played at Tiger Stadium as the Tigers defeated Kansas City 8-2 on an absolutely beautiful afternoon.

I can guarantee you that when the last game is played at Comerica Park it will never match the emotions that filled The Corner on September 27, 1999.

There is no comparison.

Just watch the video attached to this blog entry and relive the sights and sounds of that last game at Tiger Stadium.

Where would you rather watch baseball?

For me, I would rather sit directly behind a post at Tiger Stadium between a drunk and someone with the worst body odor in the world then to sit at the carnival atmosphere (ferris wheel) of Comerica Park peering behind the obstructed head in front of me. (or sitting in the upper deck where the players are the size of red ants.)

I am pleased to hear that just a few days ago, someone anonymously hired a crane at great expense and hoisted the Stars and Stripes up the flagpole at the Tiger Stadium site, the only piece of the ballpark that remains. Meanwhile people continue to make their pilgrimage to Michigan and Trumbull to pull weeds, manicure the diamond, and play a little baseball.

Who knows what the site will look like on the 12th Anniversary of the last Tiger game at that sacred ground?

The city has extended the deadline for Requests for Proposals until November.

I for one (and I know there are thousands of others out there who would agree) would love to see a preserved ball diamond surrounded by trees with the sights and sounds of a baseball game.

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