A Side of Curry for Pistons

Most job interview processes last longer, but in the world of heavily sought after coaches, no time could be wasted. Michael Curry is your Detroit Pistons coach.

No matter how many times you read that, it still will not settle in that the Pistons will have their first rookie coach since Rick Carlisle turned around a team still suffering from the Grant Hill trade.

Curry is an interesting choice to take the ship’s helm since, he was a Piston twice in the past. With his 6.6 career ppg average, it was clear that Curry was more worried about his teammates or his next move, and that may make him perfect for this team.

The team Curry leads out onto the floor next season will likely look considerably different than the one that walked off against Boston just weeks ago. Dumars is well aware of this and chose one of the few people he trusts to tell him what really went on last season. Curry will receive plenty more respect than Saunders ever did and he will be the catalyst for how long the current Pistons era lasts. Remember the Pistons with George Irvine, Don Chaney or Ron Rothstein at the helm? Nobody wants to go back to “those days”.

It also needs to be pointed out that Curry’s contract is a strong demonstration on how NBA coaching salaries have become ridiculous. Curry’s $7.5 million over three years is nearly double the 3-year extention that Stanley Cup winning coach Mike Babcock received. Figure that one out. A one-year assistant coach is making $1 million more per season than his hockey peer. I recognize that hockey doesn’t carry the national popularity that basketball does, but this is truly remarkable.