Always A Tiger? Detroit Launches New Advertising Slogan

It appears as though the long-serving, sexually-innuendoed “Who’s Your Tiger?” promotional slogan for the Detroit Tigers is officially yesterday’s news.

Recently, the team has been running advertising with a new slogan: “Always A Tiger.”  And just as patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, so serves nostalgia for a baseball team in search of meaning.

The slogan, in essence, is supposed to subliminally communicate to fans the subtle acknowledgement that the team is not very good, but that the emotional bond (i.e. guilt) felt by fans should bring them back to the ballpark.  Are you only a fan of the team when they’re winning, or are you always a Tiger?  Clever, huh?

It would seem less conniving if the Tigers consistently embraced their history — not just when an ad agency tells them it tested well in focus group studies.

In any event, the new ad slogan is a vast improvement over its predecessor.  Let’s hope the ads have an impact on the Tigers’ players, management and ownership.  It’s not the Tigers’ fans who need coaxing.

10 replies on “Always A Tiger? Detroit Launches New Advertising Slogan

  • jnocella

    To Whom It May Concern:
    A navy blue T- shirt with a white old-english D is cool. Print beneath the “D” the saying “Forever
    a Tiger”. Longtime fans would rcall the sign next to the Tiger dugout at Tiger stadium recalling the efforts of Daryl Evans during a playoff series. Besides it sounds cool,and if you love baseball and grew up with the Tigers, it’s true
    thank you

  • Linda

    I want to know why you can’t buy a T-shirt online with this new slogan on it. I’ve seen them on fans at the stadium, but not all of us can make it to the games. Please someone give me an answer.

  • Linda

    I’ve seen t-shirts on people in the stands at the games, but i can’t find any t-shirts online to buy that have this slogan. Any ideas?

  • Ginger

    Always a Tiger – where can I buy a shirt like this? I am displaced Detroiter and Tigers fan..livign in NC but I saw them yesterday in Baltimore.

  • Mel

    Anyone come up with where someone can buy apparel with “Always a Tiger” on it? Like other displaced Tiger fans have posted, I am a Tiger fan living in Minnesota and want to show my loyalty. Tough living amongst Twins fans, but at least I get to see some OUTDOOR Tiger baseball here next month…GO TIGERS in 2010!!!

  • Mel

    Thanks for the info, jnocella. Where can a person buy the “Forever A Tiger” shirt?? I cannot find it online.

  • Alison Wells

    I want to buy a shirt for my dad, who will be 78! He’s a diehard tigers fan and he’s always saying “Always a tiger”! I love that slogan,its perfect!

  • Sarah

    As another displaced Detroiter and Tigers fan living in the SF Bay area, I want this tee shirt!! (EEEK…the Giants would kill me if they heard this!!)

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