Are They Nuts? March Too Early for Opening Day in Detroit

There is no question that Detroit Tigers fans are anxiously awaiting the start of the 2008 baseball season. In fact, I would be willing to bet that if the home opener were played on January 31, it would be a sellout. But what the heck were the schedule-makers thinking when they decided Opening Day would be played on March 31 in Detroit?

Let’s be honest: in the Motor City, Opening Day in April is a crapshoot. Most fans who attended the grand opening of Comerica Park on April 11, 2000 can attest to this. For many, their most vivid memory of that day is the pain and misery of a cold, wet, arctic wind blowing in their faces – and an official game time temperature of 43 degrees. (Note: April 11 is one of the latest home openers in modern Tigers’ history).

Baseball is meant to be a warm weather sport. Why not start the season in either warm weather cities or in domes? Chances are that in Kansas City (the team the Tigers are playing on Opening Day) the temperature will be much warmer than it will be here.

I’d have to imagine that if the folks who are responsible for organizing the schedules of Major League Baseball teams had to actually sit in the stadiums alongside the fans, they’d never subject themselves to the bitter elements. Better yet, if Tigers owner Mike Ilitch had to watch nine innings from a regular seat instead of a heated luxury suite, Opening Day would probably be played in June.

3 replies on “Are They Nuts? March Too Early for Opening Day in Detroit

  • Andy

    Amen! I was at the opening of Comerica Park and I nearly froze to death! Why not wait until the weather is warm?

  • Gabe

    I have to agree – it’s 30 degrees here in Chicago and the last thing I want to do is go to a ball game.

  • Nick

    March 31st: My Birthday + Detroit Tigers Opening Day = Greatest Day of the Year! Obviously I’m biased. (By the way, I’m still looking for tickets)

    There’s nothing better than going to a Tigers game on your birthday; being that mine is on March 31st it doesn’t happen often. The last time was back in 2003. Cold? Yes. Worth every minute of it? Definitely.

    It could be snowing on April 20th… who knows. I don’t think the answer is having teams from colder climates starting the season on a 10 game west coast road trip. I also would hate for a Cleveland repeat with snowed out games and having to play your home games in another city.

    It’s baseball… it always works itself out. It just does. Viva March 31st! 🙂

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