Barry Bonds Bad Fit for Tigers, Baseball

Yesterday, an ESPN analyst suggested that the Detroit Tigers should sign sidelined superstar Barry Bonds.  I even received a frantic phone call from a guy in California urging me to “do whatever you can” to influence the Detroit media with the message that signing Bonds would be a great move for the Tigers.  Apparently, Bonds isn’t the only one on drugs.

I think it takes a lot of nerve for the Major League Baseball Players Association to make the claim that ownership is colluding against Bonds.  The man has been federally indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice charges.  In a nutshell, Bonds lied to a federal grand jury when he denied he ever knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs.

What awaits the new home run champion is a federal criminal trial and likely prison time.  Should it surprise anyone that no team in baseball wants to have an association with such a person?

Bonds would be wise to not file a formal grievance with the commissioners office over alleged collusion.  And regardless of what ESPN thinks, the Tigers shouldn’t even think about signing Bonds.