Cabrera Contract Step Toward Possible Tigers Dynasty

 Is it too early to talk about baseball dynasties in Detroit? 

The recent signing of All-Star third baseman Miguel Cabrera to a 7-year, $152.3 million contract should send a signal to the other 29 Major League teams that the Tigers intend to hang with the big dogs for the long haul.  Tigers fans should recognize that Tigers’ ownership is committed to the long-term competitiveness of the franchise.

Cabrera, 24, is the new big monster in a monster line up.  Consider his multi-year contract assurance that Mike Ilitch’s intention is not to win one World Series and then throw in the towel.  Ilitch seems determined to build a long-term contender that has a chance to seriously compete for multiple championships.

Admit it.  Deep down, most fans harbor worries of enjoying a championship and then watching their team get broken up and free fall to the cellar.  But the Detroit Tigers are a large market franchise and if 3 million fans a year keep showing up at the ballpark, there should be enough cash to allow the team to compete year after year with the the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox.

I believe Tigers fans will look back at the Cabrera trade and multi-year signing as having the same team-changing effect the signing of Pudge Rodriguez had.  Cabrera will help attract even more talent once he gets established here.  His signing makes it possible to once again say the words “dynasty” and “Detroit Tigers” in the same sentence.

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