Cabrera Injured During All-Star Checked Swing

There was a debate on Mike and Mike in the Morning recently that had a great deal of validity – whether the All-Star Game phase has run its course. I was part of the minority during that debate that agreed that All-Star Game concept was a thing of the past. Maybe the All-Star Game was one of those things that we looked forward to as kids. As a fan of the Tigers, I prefer the “less is more” approach when it comes to team participation in the Midsummer Classic. After watching the Tigers’ big hitter injure himself last night in this meaningless game, I’m confirmed in my belief that there’s got to be a better solution to honoring baseball’s best.

The lack of news at this moment suggests that Cabrera could be spending a few days on the DL over the next two weeks. It’s not a good sign that it will be nearly 48 hours from the ill-fated check swing to the time he is looked at by Kevin Rand. It is also not a good sign when AL manager Ron Washington mentioned of his medical staff  describing the injury as a “slight strain of the right oblique.” In a game that only has a fabricated meaning, it’s not a good start to the second half of the season with the team’s top hitter worrying about an injury.

The other question coming out of the Tigers performance on Tuesday night – is whether it was right for their top ace to sit out of such a highly promoted event. Naturally I found Justin Verlander’s absence to be simply a minor side note to the big event. It used to be where a pitcher lasted more than an inning, or a hitter would get more than a single at-bat. There are too many teams and even more players, therefore the athletes considered an All-Star only represent the loose representation of the word. With Verlander participating in a leisurely side session on Tuesday, the Tigers were left with an ace that will be ready to pick up some of the slack from a potentially depleted lineup.