Destiny Awaits

Throughout this season there have been numerous milestones which we have covered with every heartbreaking moment or maddening play. With the Lions one step closer to the unthinkable 0-16 season, the truth has slowly become a reality. Following the 20-16 loss to the Vikings, and basically backup QB Jackson on Sunday afternoon, the Lions likely lost their one and final chance at a win.

December and January will be extremely busy months for the Lions and Tigers hot stove departments. The Lions are in a significant need for anything and everything from front office to special teams. On the other hand, the Tigers have major needs in terms of pitching and defense. What remains similar for both teams is the fact that one or two key signings could send the message that what happened in 2008 was a sign of the past. With the Lions free of Millen in the owner’s suite, there is potential for the Lions to wipe the slate clean and hope for a different result.

So, where do this city’s professional football fans go from here? The league in 2008 is a different place than the one the Lions faced when Millen began. The Thanksgiving game is under viable discussions for making its way to a city other than Detroit. The Buffalo Bills, recognizing trouble within their franchise, have made a deal to play a percentage of their games in Toronto over the next few years. The flex game system has left the Lions away from major games at the end of the season. In order for the Lions to become viable within the future NFL, they will have to quickly change their ways or become destined to 0-16 seasons where most fans don’t care.