Fans Organize “Weed-Out” of Tiger Stadium Site

Since the demolition of Tiger Stadium, the city of Detroit has allowed the fabled site to become weed-covered and blighted.  I suppose they’re just trying to keep up with the rest of the city’s “urban jungle” motif.

Luckily, those who understand the historical significance of the site are joining together to spruce up the grounds.  This Sunday, August 8th,  “The Great Tiger Stadium Weed-Out” is being held from 11am to 2pm.  Below is some general information forwarded to us by Dave Mesrey:

Since Tiger Stadium’s demolition last September, the site at Michigan and Trumbull has been maintained by several loose-knit bands of volunteers from in and around Detroit. Last month, HBO even lent a hand with the infield, tilling the basepaths for an episode of the hit series “Hung.”
The old playing field is actually in pretty good shape now, but all around it, where the grandstands once stood, grow hundreds of 3-foot-tall weeds. (The weeds, however, pull out rather easily by their roots.)
With just a few dozen determined volunteers, imagine how quickly these weeds could disappear.
Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own rakes, lawn bags, and work gloves (as well as baseball gloves and wooden bats for a little old-fashioned recreation afterward). I also recommend that volunteers bring their own coolers for non-alcoholic refreshments.  Heavy-duty garbage bags will come in handy, as well, for picking up trash.
Roundup and other such chemicals are discouraged, but if you’re so inclined: //

I hope you can all lend a hand to help maintain one of Detroit’s most historic sites. 

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The historic field of Tiger Stadium is barely visible because of 3-foot tall weeds that have sprouted up where the fabled grandstands used to be. The site is owned and controlled by the city of Detroit and its "economic development" corporation.