Tiger Fans Still Flock to “The Corner” on Opening Day

It’s been 10 years since the Detroit Tigers last played an Opening Day game at Tiger Stadium.  But each year since the team moved out, thousands of fans continue to spend Detroit’s annual baseball celebration partying in the old Tigertown neighborhood.

Many start their day at The Corner and then make their way over to Comerica Park.  Others never leave.  The bars and restaurants around Tiger Stadium were filled to capacity yesterday with Tigers fans decked out from head to toe in Tigers gear.

As a longtime believer in the pure baseball magic that resides at Michigan & Trumbull, even I am amazed that so many people still show up a decade later.  But spend a few minutes talking with the fans and it’s obvious that there is a genuine love for Detroit’s Grand Old Lady of Baseball. 

It’s not just that people can’t forget.  They simply don’t want to.  There were too many happy memories shared with friends and family at Tiger Stadium.  Not just a lifetime’s worth.  This is multi-generational.

If the folks who are trying to preserve the Navin Field portion of Tiger Stadium are successful, my guess is that thousands more will join the festivities at The Corner in the years to come.  In fact, if all the fans who were unable to get tickets to yesterday’s game were able to watch on a massive screen at Tiger Stadium, it would have undoubtedly filled the place to its new capacity.  How cool would it be to, once again, watch Opening Day at Tiger Stadium?

As a business owner in the Tiger Stadium area, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers who have continued to visit Tiger Stadium and shop at Detroit Athletic Co. after the Tigers’ departure from our neighborhood.  It was great to see so many of you at yesterday’s home opener.