Forbidden Video Tour of Tiger Stadium Clubhouse, Tunnel & Dugout

For nearly 10 years after Tiger Stadium closed its gates, people from all over were eager to get back in to tour the old ballpark.  The city of Detroit took a Soviet-style approach to the situation and refused to allow anyone to enter.  The city built a virtual “Berlin Wall” around the place to prevent any fond memories from escaping.

Given the situation, it was inevitable that some people would take it upon themselves to sneak over the wall from time to time.  This video clip was taken by a resourceful citizen who did just that.  He had the good sense to take a flashlight and video camera with him to film the Detroit Tigers’ old clubhouse, the tunnel that connected the clubhouse and the dugout, and the Tigers’ dugout itself.

I had the honor of being in the clubhouse on a few different occasions and it was always a thrill.  For those who have never been inside, this video clip, though filmed in the dark, will give you a good sense of what the old stadium was like from the players’ perspective.  The names on the locker stalls are not those of Tiger players, but rather, fans who attended the last fantasy camp held at Tiger Stadium back in 2002.

Keep in mind that the clubhouse dates back to 1912 and is the very one that Ty Cobb used to use.  This free-lance cameraman captured more history in 3 minutes and 56 seconds than the city of Detroit did in the 10 years it held the stadium hostage.


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