Formula of Success

It has been quite some time since there was this much anticipation going into a Lions season. In years previous, the Tigers may have had the limelight or college football was higher on the Detroit sports scene. With the stars aligning at Ford Field this year, and a coach with a few years under his belt, 2008 has the potential of being something special.

I don’t want to make much out of two preseason games, but the Lions have shown a certain poise that hasn’t been there previously. This team does look closer to a Super Bowl team than an 0-16 team, albeit not by much. Local fan favorite Drew Stanton has a minor injury but still has the wheels that made him an all-or-nothing QB in Spartan green. Calvin Johnson looks more like the receiver the Lions have wanted to put opposite from Roy Williams for quite some time. The running back situation is still in development along with the O-Line. The pieces are still coming in place with the Tampa Two defense, and could potentially result in W’s come September.

Beyond avoiding the injury bug and attempts to quickly meld before the first game, the Lions have a schedule that could realistically place them at 3-0 going into the bye week. Yes, I can’t believe I’m saying it either, but the Lions could be 3-0 going into October. The Lions open the season at Atlanta, where as of now it looks that Joey Harrington will be holding the clipboard to start the opener. When a team’s motto is “A New Day, A New Dome,” it is hard to have hopes high if you’re a Falcons fan. Follow that game with the home opener against Green Bay and a visit to San Francisco and the chances are out there for the Lions faithful… or at least the last few that exist.