Goodbye Losing Streak

There have been so many tough nights recently for Pistons fans. Rasheed Wallace and Allen Iverson have returned to be more of a problem than a help to this once proud lineup. Most players have also decided that they were going to save their best stuff for the press than on the court. With Allen Iverson in the same shoes as those players that he’s benched over the years, the Pistons finally got win no. 28 against a difficult Orlando squad.

Let me take a few moments here to decry how ridiculous the NBA has become. It is the only league that teams are willing to take on inflated contracts, which they created, for a fantasy 16-18 months down the road. The Pistons took on Iverson’s contract and refused to trade ‘Sheed just over their lofty contracts. If you think for one second that Dwyane Wade or LeBron James will be in a Pistons uniform in 2010, you are likely the same person who finds this NBA season to be exciting. Only a half-dozen or so teams are actually trying to win now, with everyone else tanking.

Back to the Pistons now. The current squad is flat out ineffective and will need a swift retooling going into ’09-’10. They say that when teams are winning there are no complaints. Look at the Tigers in ’06 and look at the Wings last season for other examples. When the Pistons sat five minutes away from back-to-back titles in 2005, it was their mouths that cost them a second back-to-back title sequence. In 2009, it has been their mouths that have just highlighted everything wrong with this dysfunctional team.