Goodbye Metrodome Baseball

I hope these words don’t come back to bite me (in the form of a Twins season ending comeback), but… goodbye Metrodome baseball.

Dear Metrodome,

Your 28-year presence in Minnesota baseball will certainly go down in history… that’s about 28 more years than baseball should have been allowed to be played there.

The only reason you’ll be missed by your own Twins fans is because of the quirkiness that is known by all fellow Major Leaguers. This building is not meant to house a Major League team. Heck, a movie titled “Little Big League” was filmed beneath your marshmallow roof about an 11-year old managing the Twins. That sounds about right – I haven’t seen any kids that age lately managing MLB squads.

metrodomeYou are a building meant for football to be played indoors and not outdoors on snowy November afternoons. For any more reminders of that, look to center and right field. Those would be seats normally occupied for football, but instead folded during baseball and covered up by a “baggie” – a word normally preceded by ‘garbage.’ Shots off that right field wall don’t carom off, instead they ripple like an ocean wave and flop harmlessly to the field. I’m guessing that feature won’t get moved to the new stadium.

Also, at pretty much every stadium in baseball, there is one point along the field where fans can reach over the railing to grab a foul ball. In your fan-unfriendly surroundings, the only thing fans reach over to grab is a glimpse of the action. Baseball history is glued and nailed on the walls, much like those ugly plexiglas hockey boards that used to be a part of the left field fence.

How poetic that the 2009 Tigers got the last laugh inside your cavernous walls. After all, we were a major part of those two Twins World Series wins. Sure we’ll make visits every now and then for Vikings football, but at least we’ll be able to see the football amongst that pillow-topped roof.

Goodbye Metrodome – can we please have our refund now?

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