Grilli Not Qualified to Pitch Batting Practice

Incriminating photographs of Mike Ilitch?  That’s what Detroit Tigers pitcher Jason Grilli must have in his possession for him to still be an active member of the Tigers’ roster.  At least that’s all I can come up with.

Friday’s afternoon game at Comerica Park was tied 5-5 in the 7th inning when Leyland called Grilli in from the bullpen.  What followed was a typical embarrassing performance by one of the worst relief pitchers I can remember. 

Grilli gave up three hits and three runs on three pitches.   Let me repeat that: Grilli gave up three hits and three runs ON THREE PITCHES.  The White Sox knocked a double, a single and a three run homer off Grilli for back-to-back-to-back hits. 

Three pitches, three hits, three runs.  Unbelievable.  That’s the type of performance you’d expect from a batting practice pitcher lobbing them in to his own teammates.  Even then, a foul ball or two would probably be hit.

I’m not sure what it is that Leyland sees in Grilli, but it’s time to pull the plug.  Take your chances with a minor leaguer and let Grilli get on with his life.  It’s time for him to go.


Detroit Tigers reliever Jason Grilli has got to go.

3 replies on “Grilli Not Qualified to Pitch Batting Practice

  • Nick

    Luckily the Tigers were smart to pull the plug on Byrdak at the end of spring training. Grilli should be gone after his next performance like his recent three pitch masterpiece… which shouldn’t be too long away.

    We’ve looked worse than ugly. Only two teams since 1902 have made the post season after starting 0-5. Hopefully Verlander can stop the bleeding tomorrow night. Then it’s off to Boston. Great.

    If the Tigers are really counting on Rodney and Zumaya for 2008, or ever, really, we are screwed. We should’ve gone after a quality starter and some middle relievers. I was so excited when there were rumors flying around that we only got Willis in the trade to packaging him with other players for an even better pitcher.

    I wonder if we have too many all-star players in our lineup now… unlike 2006 when we had Monroe and Inge making names for themselves and Chris Shelton getting us off to a great start. There were role players and average guys that did extraordinary things. This team reminds me too much of the Yankees of the 90s and early 2000s… and we all know that 150+ million cannot guarantee a World Series championship.

    Who would’ve thought that after five games Brandon Inge would be our bright spot? Funny.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the comment, Nick. I hope you’re right about Grilli. You’re absolutely right about high payrolls not guaranteeing a World Series. Chemistry is such an important ingredient on a championship team. And I’d take great pitching and defense over a powerhouse lineup any day. One thing to consider: the 1987 Detroit Tigers got off to a very rocky start and they ended the year with the best record in the Majors (98-64). Let’s hope Leyland and Dombrowski can work some magic — and soon!

  • Nick

    I think you might get your wish in the next 24 hours after Grilli’s walk-a-thon today in Boston.

    I am officially disgusted and annoyed by the way the Tigers have started this season.

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