Harry Kalas, To Whom Few Compare

Michael Jack Schmidt. There are very few players to which we know their entire name. Phillies legendary announcer Harry Kalas, much like Ernie Harwell, made the listeners/viewers seem like the ballplayers were their neighbors and friends. He was as much of a homer as the fan seated in the bleachers. On the same day which Tigers fans mourn the loss of “The Bird,” Phillies fans are also hurting from the loss of Harold Norbert Kalas.

Much like it was appropriate that Harry Caray died dancing, Kalas was getting prepared to do what he loved the most, call baseball games. For non-Phillies fans, Kalas’ voice was recognizable from Chunky soup commercials to NFL Films. His passion for life included roaring his musical pipes for frequent renditions of “High Hopes” no matter what the occasion called for. If the Phillies had a voice it was Kalas, and we are all grateful for hearing that wonderful Midwestern voice for many years.