Herbie Redmond Danced His Way into Tigers’ History

In the neighborhood, he was known as “Short Dog. ”  But Detroit Tigers fans knew him better simply as “Herbie.”  Through much of the 1970s and 80s, Herbie Redmond was Detroit’s beloved dancing groundskeeper.

From 1969 through 1989, Herbie entertained Tigers’ fans and players with his signature jig performed during fifth inning infield broomings.  Herbie would dance his heart out much to the delight of the crowd.  His antics made him part of the lore at Tiger Stadium and there probably aren’t many Tigers fans over the age of 35 who don’t remember him. 

Sadly, Herbie died on Opening Day 1990 at Detroit Receiving hospital.  For months after his passing, Herbie’s fellow groundskeepers swept the infield in a “missing broom” formation as a tribute to their fallen friend.

Recently, I met Herbie’s son working at a health club I belong to in the Detroit area.  We reminisced about his dad and he told me how blessed he feels to have had Herbie as a father.  I told him his dad will forever be a part of Tigers’ history.

And he will be.

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  • Givens Redmond

    Herbie Redmond had three son’s- Herbert Redmond jr.-Givens Redmond-Dennis Redmond wife Ocie Redmond and our little sister Pamela Redmond. we our all proud to be part of his life.thank you MR.Givens Redmond.

  • John k

    My name is John. As a little boy growing up around the ball park Herbie would come and take me into all the Tiger Games. I would wait out side and he would take me in with him. What a great man. I have a lot of great memories with that great man. Will never forget him.


    Hi,This is Givens Redmond. just want to tell everyone thanks for remembering my dad. his legacy still lives on. every where I go people still loves him. I am so proud to be his son.its like he’s inside of me. everyone loves me the same way they love my dad.its athrill to be his son.May God Bless you all and happy happy holidays to all and to all a good night.


    Hello everyone, This is Givens Redmond son of Herbie Redmond.if you guys would like more information about my father,EMAIL at givensredmond@ymail,com. and I would be glad to give you some good information about my Dad.Thank You and may God Bless You all.

  • andy

    Did your family and Herbie live in Delray? I grew up there and vaguely remember Herbie being from there

  • John Kay

    Hello Givens. Email me when you can. My name is John Kay and I would love to tell you stories about your Dad. I made a post here July 30th 2013 about your Dad. He spent lots of time with him as a young kid. He was a great man and I have never stoped thinking about him. He touched my life. Would love to meet you one Dad. [email protected]. Thanks

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