High Anxiety for Red Wings Fans as Game 7 Approaches

I’ve noticed something consistent from our customers in the last few days:  They all seem worried about Game 7 instead of confident.  Dozens of people have asked me questions like, “So, do you think we can do it Friday?” or “Do you thing the Wings can pull it off?”

No one is saying, “No sweat.  The Wings have got this thing locked up.”  And I mean no one.

Every true hockey fan knows that anything can happen in a single game.  A bad call; a bouncing puck; a hot goalie; a weak goalie; an unexpected injury.  These are the thoughts that keep running through the heads of the Red Wings faithful.  It’s not fear, per se.  It would be more accurately described as “high anxiety.”

Much of it, I believe, can be attributed to the constant bombardment of bad news we’ve all been faced with for so long here in the Motor City.  Time after time, we’ve all hoped for the best and gotten the worst.  General Motors, Chrysler, Visteon, Delphi.  One job, one dream at a time, this city has been dying.

The one bright spot through it all this year has been our Red Wings.  And tonight’s game is either going to fill the hearts of millions of people who desperately need an emotional and psychological lift — or it’s going to be one more blow to a body of folks who seem to be approaching their collective breaking point. 

Go Red Wings.  Go and go and go ’til you can’t go anymore.  Show your fans, and the world, that Detroit may be down but not out.  Let’s put some of the anxiety to rest — and give the good people of this region a reason to celebrate.  They truly deserve it.