Hockeytown Comes Alive in Rout

There’s a pretty steadfast rule in hockey that dumb play often turns into unwanted results. If your team is spending a considerable portion of its time in the penalty box, that often means that you’re spending too much time on your heels and in your own zone. An impressive performance by the Red Wings, combined with an underwhelming effort by the Pens, translates into a 5-0 Detroit victory. More importantly, the Saturday night delight means the Red Wings will have two chances to win another Stanley Cup.

Last year’s Game 5 looked to be the moment where Detroit’s destiny would combine with an exuberant celebration in front of the Joe Louis Arena faithful. Pittsburgh had other ideas, and with Fleury pulled in the closing minutes, Osgood saw the puck jammed behind him for the tying goal. The overtime session proved to be fatal as a Pittsburgh goal delayed the Cup handover for another night.

This year, Detroit had to have Game 5 to have any chance to win the Cup – that second period showed the difference in maturity between the two teams.

Maturity can mean a ton when a team is making a two month push towards hockey immortality. It also helps when you have a highly acclaimed hockey player in your line up.

Pavel Datsyuk brought his game to the ice, awakening the Red Wings power play unit in the process. His ability to split the defense, and bring the pressure to the front of the net, created havoc to a Penguins team used to dealing with two superstars max on a team. With an added day off until the next game, Red Wings fans hope that this new life can continue for 60 more minutes.