Hoops Hot Stove Talk

The papers and tickers this morning have been ripe with talk about the Pistons efforts in bringing Carmelo Anthony to Motown.  In the deal, which should be called the 2003 draft remix, many sources have reported that the Pistons have offered up Billups and Prince to the Nuggets for Anthony.  

Seeing ‘Melo firsthand from his collegiate days, it is hard to imagine that the Pistons would not be a better team with no. 15 in the lineup. His ability to score and rebound with ease would help the oft-anemic Pistons against players like Paul Pierce, and Anthony’s friend, LeBron James.   

The most obvious immediate concerns about making such a deal would be Anthony’s immaturity and frequent knack for taking minutes off while on the floor.  His Nugget teams in the past with Nene, K-Mart and A.I. have all underachieved and lacked the defensive abilities that Coach Curry will likely be looking for.

Taking a step back from this potential deal, any speculation would suggest that Rodney Stuckey is considered game-ready and Tayshaun Prince’s defensive abilities have greatly waned.

More news on the Pistons’ Hot Stove when it comes available…