Inge Should Be Happy to be a Detroit Tiger

2008 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated seasons Detroit Tigers fans can remember.  It’s a shame that one of the biggest stories coming out of Spring Training is Brandon Inge’s unhappiness with the acquisition of Miguel Cabrera.

 In more modest times in baseball, Inge would be expected to say something like this: “I am very pleased with the acquisition of Miguel Cabrera.  He is an incredible baseball player and I am confident he is going to be instrumental in helping our team win a championship.   I am thrilled to be a part of this team and I will do whatever I can to contribute to its success.” 

 Instead, Inge voiced his displeasure from day one.  He even asked to be traded.  This has made for an uncomforable atmosphere in the Tigers’ clubhouse instead of one of jubilation.  I wish someone would sit down with Inge and explain that his outward reaction to the Cabrera acquisition is something he should be embarrassed about.

 Inge should realize that even marginal players on a world championship team enjoy local celebrity status for the rest of their lives.  Ask Mickey Stanley or Dave Bergman what it’s like to be remembered as a champion.  Neither player would be considered an All-Star on the 1968 or 1984 teams, but both played very important roles in making the Tigers champions.  In reality, the Tigers would not have won those years without them.  Inge could prove to be the same type of impact player if he chooses to lose the attitude.

 My advice to Brandon: Shut up and play.  Be proud of being a Detroit Tiger.  Be grateful that you are playing in a town that is insane about its local baseball team and has an owner and a GM who are bound and determined to bring a championship to our city.  You may just be a baseball God in Detroit for the rest of your life.

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  • Nick

    Brandon Inge demanding to be traded would not be happening if he wasn’t given a four year $20 million dollar contract before last season. Giving him that salary is giving him a voice to demand a trade. I don’t think Inge could get that contract in many other markets, if any. You’d think that Brandon would wake up and realize that teams aren’t exactly lining up at our door for his services. If he was all of that he would’ve been traded already.

    Yes, he can flash the leather at the hot corner, but his offensive numbers are just not there on a regular basis. Sure, he had some decent power numbers in 2006, but let’s face it: Baseball is a numbers game, and Inge doesn’t compare to Cabrera. Fans in the stands can call an Inge strike out before he ever leaves the batters box and the Tigers clearly saw Inge as a weakness in the batting order… if not THE weakest link. He had to be replaced and we had to upgrade.

    While Inge could potentially help the Tigers in case of an injury to a starter,it seems it would be best to trade him as soon as possible. He said he wouldn’t be a cancer to the team, but that’s looking less and less true everyday.

    Pair all this with Sheffield talking garbage on a regular basis and it feels like the only way we can lose is if we beat ourselves… kinda like we did in 2006.

    End of rant. 🙂

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