Iverson’s Bad Chemistry Plagues Pistons

Rumor has it that Detroit Pistons newcomer Allen Iverson is banned from Greektown Casino because of unruly behavior.  Makes us wonder where else in Motown Iverson isn’t wanted.  Would it surprise you if Detroit’s newest Bad Boy isn’t welcome in the Pistons locker room either?

It’s certainly not from a lack of talent that this Pistons squad suffers.  The team is loaded with great players.  But Iverson seems to have added little to the lineup as Detroit barely clings to an above .500 winning percentage.  His on-court and off-court antics don’t fit in with the rest of his teammates and speculation is that he won’t be around for a second season in Detroit.

Bad chemistry has plagued the Pistons ever since Iverson arrived.  The team jumped out to a great start and then struck mediocrity once Iverson hit the court.  It’s a shame, too, because Detroit seemed to be heading in a good direction prior to the trade that sent fan favorite Chauncey Billups to Denver.

Our prediction is that Iverson’s Detroit legacy will end with little fanfare — and that the Pistons will regroup in short order.  The franchise is strong and has good leadership.  The Iverson Year will be nothing more than a dark spot on an otherwise bright decade.

Below is a highlight video commemorating the 2004 Pistons.  It’s refreshing to see the guys (including Ben Wallace) before they were well known and considered superstars.  They were just an unknown group of talented athletes who went to work every day to get the job done.  Then they shocked the world. 

Let’s hope Joe Dumars and Co. can help restore course once they get the bad kid off the bus.