Jack Morris’s Comments Set Verlander on Edge

In a recently recorded Detroit News interview, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander rips Tigers legend Jack Morris for his broadcast comments concerning a possible problem with Verlander’s shoulder. 

“Jack Morris doesn’t know what the hell is going on,” Verlander angrily retorted to News’ reporter Dana Wakiji after she mentioned Morris’s opinion.  “It looks like I’ve done pretty well,” said Verlander. “Physically, I feel great.”

I have to say I was very disappointed with Verlander in the interview.  Granted, he’s frustrated with his poor start, but he comes across in the interview as a real dolt.

It’s fine to have a difference of opinion.  But Verlander should be aware of Morris’s place in Detroit Tigers’ history and lend him the same amount of respect he would a current teammate.  Verlander should also be aware that he is going to have a lifetime association with Morris because they are the last two Tigers to throw no-hitters. 

Can you imagine Jim Leyland saying Sparky Anderson doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about?  How about Al Kaline ripping on Hank Greenberg?  It just isn’t supposed to happen.  If Verlander doesn’t know better than that, then his manager needs to sit him down and set him straight.

As far as Verlander’s delivery problems, my money is on Morris.  While I can’t claim that Morris was very diplomatic with the media during his playing days, I do respect his baseball acumen.  Verlander would be wise to do the same.

For a link to The Detroit News audio file, click on the photos below.