Just a Hunch . . .

Do you think maybe — just maybe — the Latino players on the Detroit Tigers might be a bit cold playing baseball in Detroit in late March and early April?  Do you think the chilly weather could be affecting their play?

Let’s be honest: having Opening Day in Detroit on March 31 was a dumb idea to begin with.  But when your team is stacked with foreign players from the Caribbean and other places tropical, it’s twice as stupid.  If you’re a native Michigander and you feel cold on a 28 degree morning, how do you think Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera feels?  Or how about Dominican Placido Polanco?  They must think their plane landed at the North Pole.

The Tigers’ bats are cold, no doubt.  But could it be that their warm-blooded line up is even colder?  Just a hunch.

Oh yeah, and Tigers, start next season in Texas, Florida or California.  You might just be 2-0 this time next season if you do.


3 replies on “Just a Hunch . . .

  • Nick

    I’m not so sure about that. Afterall, we did heat up against the Yankees and A’s in the playoffs. Being a good team from May-September is not good enough and is not our goal. We’re not looking for a team to play the right way and have a good season – we’re looking for the trophy and the parade in October.

    The expectations for this team were simply set way too high, too early. Sure, there’s plenty of time to turn it around, but history says we won’t make the playoffs. These guys must be feeling the pressure of every Tigers fan in the world right now. Luckily, history has been wrong before…

  • Steve

    What about the fans who have to be exposed to the elements along with the players? It’s time for MLB to rethink its scheduling. The season should start in warm weather cities and inside of domes.

  • Nick

    You mean the elements of watching the games on TV, listening on the radio, and checking stats on the internet? Yeah, it’s been rough. 🙂

    No one is twisting anyone’s arm to pay $200+ a ticket to sit in cold weather. I can only think of three domes and there are only 9 west coast teams, so there would still be a few games left in the cold to start the season.

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