Kwame Should Not Throw Home Opener’s First Pitch

For better or worse, it has become a somewhat formal tradition for the Governor of Michigan and the Mayor of Detroit to throw out the ceremonial first pitches of the Detroit Tigers home opener.  Both, regardless of political affiliation, are booed mercilessly by all in attendance.  Given the current mayor’s ethical and legal battles, 2008 would be a great year to break from tradition by not allowing him — or any other politician — to participate.

Way back when, tossing out the first ball of the season was done by people the fans would graciously applaud.  Former Detroit baseball legend Charlie Bennett did it for years; Ty Cobb did it at the 1951 All-Star Game at Briggs Stadium; Charlie Gehringer had the honor at the 1971 All-Star Game; George Kell and Al Kaline both got the nod during the 1984 World Series at Tiger Stadium.  These are the type of men I believe should be allowed such distinction. 

Let’s leave politics out of baseball.  A good first step would be benching the politicians who exploit a photo-op at the expense of the game’s integrity and dignity.  Please tell Kwame to stay home.


3 replies on “Kwame Should Not Throw Home Opener’s First Pitch

  • Nick

    This year could be the loudest “boos” ever at Comerica. I’ve thought about the ceremonial first pitch for a while now, too, and don’t see why Kwame or Granholm would want to put themselves through that… when they clearly know what we think of them. It’s the same reaction every Opening Day.

    Politics and baseball/politics and religion… the separation of church and state that is non-existent. We don’t have to look any further than a dollar bill… but let’s pray that the Tigers win. 😉

    I heard on the news last week that Mike Illitch did not attend Kwame’s last business meeting, so maybe that’s a sign that he won’t be there for the first pitch. Let’s hope.

    It would be pretty neat to have Illitch throw out the first pitch or Dave Dombrowski. (I doubt that would happen, but that would give the fans a lot to cheer about.) There are also some living legends: Al Kaline and George Kell, which you mentioned. Kid Rock would be a good option, too. He’s good at getting a crowd revved up and is all about bring people together, which is more than I can say for any mayor of the city of Detroit in my lifetime.

  • Ken Topley

    I, for one, cannot agree with you more. A former sports member, respected member of the community and business, and a “real” leader in the city, should toss the fist pitch…Roger Penske!

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