Nicklas Lidstrom: All-Star and All-Class

The headline a few years from now will include the announcement that Nicklas Lidstrom’s number will join other Red Wings legends in the rafters.

It’s not an “if” —  it’s a “when.”

Lidstrom was the worthy designate of next Red Wings captain following Yzerman, and all indications are that he will follow Yzerman again to the rafters. This weekend’s honor of having an NHL All-Star team named after him is really the continuation of awards that began with a Conn Smythe and a slew of Norris trophies, and will undoubtedly be capped off with a place in Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame at some point down the road.

Here in Detroit, we take much of this talent for granted. Lidstrom is naturally a quiet person, and this personality makes this defensive star an undesirable option for the NHL marketing department. While NHL marketing usually draws ire among Red Wings and Canadian hockey fans, Lidstrom has represented the steady hand that highlighted Red Wings power plays and overtime sessions. We enjoy watching his smooth stick handling behind the net as much as we enjoy his shifting at the blue line to set up for a rifling slap shot.

If the ovation in Raleigh over the weekend says anything, it is that Lidstrom is more than Detroit’s treasure. The respect he drew from teammates that he had chosen just days earlier was spectacular. While he may never stack up in popularity among hockey fans with Bobby Orr or Ray Bourque, he will always be Detroit’s treasure.

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  • Pam Baja

    I will say what you probably what you don’t want to hear, but your short for the Big Ten. Big D in the the D.

    I told number 9 that it’s about seeing the entire game and being in control of the game on defense.

    The NCAA has a strict drug and alcohol policy when it comes athletics. We have had a drug test since 1986 and in 1990 it was year round. 90% of the Big Ten Universities have in house drug and alcohol testing at this point in time.

    We are very happy to be leaders in female athletics. It’s fun. It’s my life.

  • Volleyball Mom

    Despite my son’s lack of knowledge in hockey, he is still a better athlete than yours. I won’t say he’s ahead by a lot, but he has the advantage. It’s because his mom is a volleyball player and in the NCAA.

  • Volleyball Mom

    I would like to thank those of you who were watching Big Ten Volleyball on the Big ten Network tonight. Purdue won against Illinois in 5 sets. It was close. I enjoyed watching teams in black and orange play volleyball on Halloween. The crowd was great. BTN volleyball games are on every Wednesday and Friday at 8 p.m. There are some occasional Sunday and Tuesday games televised.

  • Pam

    I wanted you to retire. I thought it was better to go out without a serious injury than continue to play. You are old compared to the rest of them.

    A cup of coffee. It’s pretty darn cold in the stands if your not moving. I’m inexpensive.

    I am looking forward to my own apartment.

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