Detroit Lions Make Early Off-Season Splash

The news that the Lions had kicked off their own offseason with a number of free agent signings, and for once, a trade that seems like a steal, may be a shock to most of us that picked up the paper or read online about the news. We have grown accustomed to hear the negative news about the Lions, the jokes and the disappointment that has come with one losing season after another. Each coach has brought their own system and the players associated with that system, leaving behind a trail of despair with stains of losing. Time will only tell whether this week will mean something on the field, but the warnings have been sent that this team has no intentions to lie down to the rest of the NFL.

Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Kyle Vanden Bosch is a fantastic addition to any team. Sure, his production has declined in recent years, but listen to Titans defensive players and they will mention his leadership. Listen to community members in Lincoln, Neb. and Nashville and they will mention his charity. When Jim Schwartz rang the KVB door bell at midnight, he made the commitment necessary to demonstrate where the Lions need to be.

This team has begun to fortify that defensive line with players who know how to win, and help is soon to be on its way.

When the Lions make their draft selection in a few weeks time, the massive amount of holes on the team will have decreased. Though the latest moves have not created a game-changing scenario, the next draft pick will not have the entire weight of the team on their shoulders. Think how differently this team would play if Calvin Johnson had some support around him, or if Ernie Sims had joined the team when there were champions around him. No matter which player the Lions select this April, he will be surrounded by more winners than his predecessors.