McLain: Lions are disappointing us again

Wide receiver Titus Young has been suspended by the Detroit Lions after repeatedly failing to line up in the correct formation and displaying an indifferent attitude toward the coaches and team.

I don’t know where to start with our Detroit Lions, but the latest poor performance this past Sunday calls for some questions to be asked.

Is Matthew Stafford hurt? Does Calvin Johnson still have a concussion? Why is Stafford missing so many receivers? Has head coach Jim Schwartz grown too close to his stars? Will any players ever be punished in some form when they make a bonehead play?

If Stafford is not hurt, his inconsistency this year has been so dramatic, then the obvious answer is the game plan of the head coach.
Guys are not running the right patterns. We still do not have a running game of any kind.

It’s time for ownership to re-examine what is going on with the Lions. Just because we won 10 games last year does not qualify us to be in the Super Bowl. I also have this feeling that if the Lions do not make the playoffs, we may have a new head coach next year, because to fall off this far, would be something worse than losing 16 games.

How can a quarterback throw for 5000 yards 1 year and look like hey NEWBIE this year?

Stafford has a chance with his arm to be a superstar for a very long time, but if there is some kind of contract renewal clause in his deal that he can’t get hurt to get the money, than everyone needs to know about it. There has been way too much hype this year. I have been there, you don’t want out of the game, there may be bonuses if he plays so many minutes or other rewards if he meets certain accomplishments, but if he is hurt, he is killing the team and the team is just one more game from elimination from the playoffs.

The rhetoric and promotion of the team before the season started was that of a Super Bowl bound team. The only way that the Lions are getting into the Super Bowl is if they buy tickets. Too many penalties, missed passes, fumbles, and yes, it’s easy to criticize the superstars, but keep in mind that there’s no “Letter I” in the word TEAM.

Now they suspend Titus Young for conduct that’s inconsistent with the word TEAM. He has been lots of trouble since the start of training camp, having fights and hitting one of the starters, and lots of other things. I suggest to him: if he has this much anger, go sign up for the Marines and get a rifle and go fight the terrorists, he has way too much rage to play in a game.

On the other hand, NO ONE has been disciplined that anyone is aware of, with the exception of Young. Why not? Lots of guys arrested and not a word about discipline – could that be the real reason that our Lions can’t play to what we expected?

I think Schwartz is too close to the players: a good manager or coach must have at least an arms-length of separation to make sure that the players know that he’s in charge.

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  • Ben

    stafford leads the nfl in passing yards 14 touchdowns 10 pics his rating is middlr of the pack no running game jahvid best helped stafford and calvin we were 5 and 0 before he got hurt defense has to account for best teams dont account for mikell leshoure calvin leads in reception yards 75 catches i do agree trade young for 4th round pick broyels is better brandon pettigrew iis a problem i think coaching offense cord trying to establish run sticks with little bit to much thats why we have have bad first half 81 top two rec in nfl stafford is a top ten quarterback he is not hurt he played great thursday oc needs to pass to set up run ur talking crazy is this really matt millem blaming players liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmnmssssxsdsdssssszdds

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