Michigan Glee Club Wows Crowd at 1984 World Series

We all know how Game 5 of the 1984 World Series ended — but very few remember how it started.

The University of Michigan Glee Club had the honor of singing the National Anthem that day.  Those in attendance remember their performance as truly outstanding. 

Afterward, the Glee Club received a letter from team President Jim Campbell, an Ohio State University graduate.  Campbell wrote, “I can honestly say that I have had more favorable comments on your group of fine young men than any other group that has sung the National Anthem at Tiger Stadium during my 35 years on the scene. You were all tremendous, and we insist that you give us a repeat performance. That’s saying a lot from an ol’ Buckeye!”

Below is a clip of the Glee Club’s rendition with beautiful images of our beloved Tiger Stadium.  What a magical time in Detroit history.  Enjoy.