Millen Should Leave . . . and Take Fords With Him

Wow.  Bill Ford Jr. actually made a meaningful public statement.  I guess there’s a first for everything.

Yesterday, Ford Jr. said that Detroit Lions President and General Manager Matt Millen should be axed.  “It’s embarrassing,” Ford Jr. told a crowd at the Detroit Economic Club. “The fans deserve better, and if I had the authority, I’d fire the general manager.”

The 0-3 Lions are quickly becoming the laughingstocks of the 2008-09 NFL season.  There seems to be no hope in sight.  Firing Millen (something the fans have been pleading for for years now) would at least serve as some form of retribution to the Lions loyalists.

I have no doubt that Millen and Co. should go.  I am even more confident that the Fords should be on the same bus out of town.  It’s time for the whole, ugly affair to end.  The Fords have gotten what they deserve.  Poor management begets poor team performance — and the Fords are the lousiest management in the NFL.

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