Miss America To Toss Out Kwame, First Pitch

Rumor has it that Farmington Hills native Kirsten Haglund, who was recently crowned Miss America, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day at Comerica Park.  Haglund, 19, was reigning Miss Michigan before taking the national title in Las Vegas back in January. 

Detroit Tigers’ brass were smart to circumvent the embarrassment of having an indicted mayor participate in Opening Day festivities.  If Kwame does show up, in any capacity, I hope Tigers fans let him have it with a merciless chorus of boos. 

Also from the rumor mill: Haglund may also sing the National Anthem and Take Me Out To The Ball Game during the 7th inning stretch.

Way to go, Tigers.



2 replies on “Miss America To Toss Out Kwame, First Pitch

  • lms

    It’s a great idea to let Miss America from our area sing. However, let’s let Mickey Lolich pitch to Bill Freehan. How many chills and cheers would that bring- it would start the 2008 season off on the best foot!

  • chris

    i’ll second THAT idea! what a buzz that would generate! the tigers would do well to distance themselves as far away as possible from kwame.

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