MLB Network Has Year ‘Round Baseball Fans Juiced

You have to believe that operating in the shadow of Tiger Stadium 365 days a year provides us with a steady flow of ultra-hyped baseball enthusiasts.  But not all years and seasons are created equal.

The end of the 2008 Detroit Tigers season brought a collective sense of relief as weary fans felt embarrassment and disappointment for a season full of great expectations and dismal results.

But before long, as they always do, folks were talking about next year.  The pain of a losing year slowly gave way to the hope of a new beginning.

This off-season’s fan recovery seems to have been expedited by the launch of Major League Baseball’s new 24-hour a day, year ’round television network.  Here’s a link to the MLB Network web site:


Instead of the usual bits and pieces of baseball news that stream through ESPN and the like during the winter months, the MLB Network is devoted solely to the National Pastime.  A steady flow of classic games, baseball history, Hot Stove action, and documentaries is available for those needing a quick fix during the blue months of winter.

The MLB Network is not available on all pay systems.  We watch it through DirecTV satellite on channel 162.  Check with your cable/satellite provider for availablility.  You may already unwittingly have it.