News of Ernie Harwell’s Cancer Hits Detroit Hard

2009 has been a tough year for those who treasure the historical figures associated with the Detroit Tigers. 

Just prior to the start of the baseball season, legendary Tigers third baseman and radio/TV announcer George Kell died at the age of 86.  A few weeks later, terrible news came to us from Massachusetts:  Mark Fidrych died at the age of 54 in a freak accident on his farm.

Ernie HarwellThe bad news train continues to roll through town as Ernie Harwell announced today that he has an untreatable form of cancer.  The news sent shockwaves throughout Metro Detroit and the state of Michigan.

Harwell is, perhaps, the most beloved sportscaster in baseball history.  For many of us, he is a part of our extended family — a man to whom you wish you were related.  Harwell has become an iconic figure in Detroit — and the baseball world — and news of his illness has many people reflecting, praying and wishing him the best.

We love you, Ernie.  Thank you so very much for all the joy you have given us in your lifetime.  You have been a special gift to all of us.  May God bless you.