Pistons Fans: No Need to Panic

It was impossible to escape throughout the day.  In the middle of great news about the Red Wings and some hopeful news about the Tigers, plastered on sports page covers and blaring on sports talk shows was some news that no one expected:                           


You can repeat this to yourself over and over and you still won’t believe what you’re reading.  The Pistons held a lead of 13 at the half, just about the time when most were changing the remote to catch The Simpsons or a 4,274th viewing of a Mel Kiper Jr. draft preview.  With the help of Reggie Evans off the bench and 17 from local standout Willie Green, the Sixers used some lax Pistons’ play into their own version of overdrive.

Pistons fans should not take this game for much more than what it really is — this is one game out of an entire series.

Detroit needs to win four of their next six to ensure The Palace does not foreclose by the end of April.  How many nights from here on out will the Pistons be shooting 39 percent?  How many nights will Prince, Hamilton, Billups and McDyess combine for 15-48 from the field?  How often will Reggie Evans throw down 11 points and grab 14 boards?

I have no fears about this team’s ability to rebound from this lost.  In fact, I cannot remember the last time this line-up actually played in a game that was meaningful.  I’ve always hated the line “a loss is sometimes better than a win,” but in this case I think it holds true.  Yes, Detroit may not hold home court advantage for the moment, but there is no reason they won’t have it back in time for Game 5.  Look for a rejuvenated, but focused team for Game 2.

No more nachos with Flip Murray.  No more hiding in the Sixers’ huddle at the end of the game.  No more petty technicals.  Note to the Pistons: the playoffs are underway.