Old Man Winter

It’s been three weeks now since that June 4th night in Pittsburgh. Not many of us can remember what time we went to bed that night. We can’t recall what we had for dinner or what beverage went flying when the last Pens chance ended up in the crease. Chris Chelios could probably tell you what he was doing that night and it didn’t involve being slammed into the boards by the Penguins. Today there is word out of Hockeytown that Chelios will be back for another season in Detroit.

I think it’s fair to say that this is a gamble on a roster spot for the Wings. Sure, Chelios could play 50 regular season games and an occasional game in the postseason. He could have his best season since turning 44 – a mark he hit nearly three years ago. If given proper rest and conditioning, Chelios could be a steady backliner. This free agency season, players like Mats Sundin are considered old – and he’s 10 years younger than Chelios. Sundin even had a solid year scoring over 30 goals for the downtrodden Leafs.

I personally am skeptic to what his presence would mean for Detroit. A team coming off a Cup run (inc. key games without him), does not need to get older. Cheli is great for the community, the locker room and for the Abdelkaders of the world. Maybe Ken Holland could use another member on his staff instead.