Packed Home Schedule Should Give Tigers a Boost

The Detroit Tigers will play the next 16 out of 22 games at Comerica Park — mostly against middle-of-the-road teams.

The Tigs have a .569 winning percentage for 2008 home games and this coming home-stand should give them a boost.  To finish out the August home schedule, the Tigers will square off against the Oakland A’s (53-61), Toronto Blue Jays (59-56), Baltimore Orioles (54-59), Cleveland Indians (49-64), and Kansas City Royals (53-62).  In between, they go on the road for a week to play the Texas Rangers (60-56) and the Royals.

Talk about do or die.  The Tigers have to win 15 of their next 22 games in order to stay within the race.  That means they have to win 2 out of 3 games (or 3 out of 4) in each series.

Can they pull it off?  I believe they are capable.  The question is, has the team given up psychologically?  Do they believe they can do it or are they purely in survival mode at this point?

Time will tell.  The ’08 season could be salvaged with a late run and a resurrected pennant race.  The Boys may be fading but they’re still within sight.  The next three weeks could give them a much needed boost.