Pistons Ownership Situation Remains Major Story

The Lions began the preseason in the middle of a storm in Pittsburgh, but it remained near the back of the sports section. The Tigers showed some rare fight and an even more rare series win in Chicago, but that isn’t at the top of local sports pundits. The Red Wings have made some low salary cap commitments for 2010-11, and very few have made a splash online. For Detroit sports fans, it has become a constant watch to see what is going on with the one team that averaged the least amount of attendance in Detroit last year – who next will own the Detroit Pistons?

Sports in this town are extremely different than they are in other cities. Since we are a city that does not generally take public transportation to see our teams play (see Chicago, New York, etc.), we frequently find our passion in our workplaces and via online forums.

Our teams have also seen the wide spectrum of joys and heartbreaks that can potentially take place in one sport, and we feel that a ticket is more than a seat – it’s an investment in a team’s payroll and future. It’s in times like these when every one of our teams may see a new owner by 2020, that we begin to band together to make sure that our teams are staying home for the long haul. Our Pistons shouldn’t be in Kansas City, much like our Tigers did not move to Tampa, or the Lions to Los Angeles.

It is based on this city’s passionand persona, that the ownership search has turned out in its current manner. Mike Ilitch and co. could have easily stayed away from the buzz, but they knew what it meant to their business to simply throw their hat in the ring. Magic Johnson still has a big following in this town, even though he spurned Wolverines fans in playing for MSU in the late ’70s and he often played a role as enemy for the rival Lakers in the ’80s.

There’s been other names too, some originally from this area, some not, but all will realize soon enough that this team is as much Detroit as the team itself.

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