Pistons Searching for Life in Game Two

The Pistons venture into the 2009 playoffs is a lot like the Lions logo unveiling – you’re excited to see what happens, but the expectations are extremely low. For a team that has yet to win 40 this season, it is looking more and more that the Cavs will take game no. 70 before Detroit wins another game. For the first time since Rodney Stucket was still in junior high, it looks as if the Detroit Pistons will be staying home a bit sooner than expected.

Yes, I understand it’s just one game in the playoffs which seem to last seven months. If the opponent was not as deep or as skilled as the Cavaliers, I think I would have to adjust my prediction. This team is like Jordan’s Bulls of the early 90’s or Bird’s Celtics of the early 80’s. Much like those teams mentioned, LeBron’s Cavs are on the rise and on the cusp of that elusive championship to Cleveland. The role players are present and LeBron has proved over the past few years he’s not afraid to assist the GM in bringing top players to Cleveland.

Back to the Pistons, where Game 2 needs to set the tone for a quick turnaround when the series returns to the Palace. The Pistons kept it close after one quarter before letting things go at the half. Detroit’s guard play will need to set the tone with the Cavs big men often parked in the lane awaiting any drives. Cleveland has shown a weakness with LeBron on the bench, and if Detroit thinks they have any chance, they’ll have to get some Cavs players in foul trouble early.