Pistons Sellout Streak Ends

The headline is not really that surprising to Detroit sports fans. For the past five years we’ve expected better things from our Pistons. The fact that they may “only” win 46-50 games this year comes off as a failure for some reason. Much like last year’s Tigers, or a year in which the Wings lose in an early round, we’ve grown accustomed to winning and a style of play.

Long before the Steelers were six-time Super Bowl champions, they too had a history that would rival the Lions. With only one playoff appearance over a four-decade span before the merger, they were a team far from their current fan base that liken to the Boston Red Sox in their fervor. In this same tone, we cannot forget what the Pistons were like during some of their tougher years. While I won’t ever provide an excuse to what results are happening on the floor for the Pistons lately, I can point you to a time when Olden Polynice and David Wood got consistent minutes for the Pistons.

The 2009-2010 sports cycle in Motown will be a truly challenging time for all owners and their teams. With unemployment rising, the money is not there to spend $300 or so for a family of 4 to spend an evening at the Palace or any other sporting venue. This perfect storm will drive attendance down and frustration through the roof. In a city that has prided itself on hard-nosed basketball, this current situation has driven fans away from their teams in large numbers.