Player Input Makes Tigers’ On-Field Apparel Better Than Ever

Within the past few years there have been many improvements made to the official on-field apparel worn by Major League baseball players.  The reason is, I believe, that the MLB licensees are now taking input from the players themselves.

 For decades, big league ball players simply wore what they were given.  From the thick, heavyweight wool jerseys worn in the 1800s through the 1960s, to scratchy polyester pullovers worn in the 1970s and 1980s, no one seemed to care much about player comfort.

But today, on-field apparel is big business for baseball as the stands are full of fans wearing the same jerseys, caps, fleece and jackets that the players wear.  As a result, comfort and wear-ability have become factors.  MLB licensees were wise to turn to the players themselves to find out what improvements could be made.

We now have New Era Caps that no longer shrink or stain as soft polyester replaced traditional wool.  Majestic Athletic jerseys, sweatshirts and jackets (Cool Base and Therma Base) that wick away sweat and keep the players cool on the hot days and warm on the cool days.

Fashion is now a consideration as well.  For baseball fans, an official dugout jacket may now be used as a full-time winter coat and are no longer just worn during baseball season.  The same goes for the players themselves.

Listening to your customers is always a smart business practice.  It only took Major League Baseball 105 years, but they finally asked their players what they wanted.  To their credit, the league’s licensees have done a great job of listening.   


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