Playoff Drama Comes to Hockeytown Early as Duck Hunt Continues

The entire world knows the Detroit Red Wings are the best team in hockey.  I wish someone would tell that to those pesky Ducks from Anaheim.

The second round of the NHL Playoffs will come to an end tonight at Joe Louis Arena as the Wings face off against their west coast rivals for Game 7 of an extremely physical and emotional round of playoff hockey.

Bad refereeing, some dirty hits, and some missed opportunities has forced both teams to expend a tremendous amount of effort.  This isn’t your typical second round; this is something you’d expect in the Stanley Cup Finals.

There is a genuine hatred that has developed between the two teams and their fans.  It hasn’t quite reached the point of the 1990s Detroit Red Wings/Colorado Avalanche rivalry, but it’s getting close.  A few more clashes in the playoffs like the one we’re experiencing now and the animosity will be full blow fast.

 I believe we will see a more composed Red Wings team tonight with a sharper mental focus.  Look for great games from our veterans like Nick Lidstrom and Chris Osgood.  Tonight is when experience will pay its greatest dividend.

Below is a clip of the fight that broke out after Game 6 ended in Anaheim on Tuesday night.  Folks, tell me that ain’t pure hatred on ice!