Random Thoughts on the 2011 Detroit Tigers by Denny McLain

Well, as I said a few weeks ago, put this Detroit Tigers’ Division championship into the books! Despite the current surge by the Cleveland Indians, I feel it is impossible to lose it now.  There is no one in the division with a chance of overtaking our Tigers.  NO ONE!

Some would say the Chicago White Sox have life, but folks I think Ozzie Guillen is the worst manager in the division (maybe baseball) and there are all kinds of examples of his horrible managing. He has no idea how to handle a pitching staff.  It’s like he’s trying to do his best impression of the Three Stooges all by himself.  He can’t see anything of value going on the playing field.

It is finally good to see a real third baseman out in the infield each day.   Wilson Betemit can play and make plays, a good add for us. And this guy is going to hit — over .280 right now — 100 points better than the guy who left, Brandon Inge.  And my God we are winning without Inge, contrary to the interview Inge did when he said they can’t win without him!

Ryan Raburn is a surprise to some degree, but if he only hits .220 and despite his ability to play all positions there is no place for him next year.  It is amazing to me that he can be “All Super-Star” in the minor leagues and can barely hit his weight in the major leagues.   There is a reason folks, now go get Rayburn and tell him to read this “Hitting Instruction” from Ol’ Denny:

Ryan you are pulling off almost every pitch they throw to you, swinging at pitches in the dirt, a sure sign that you have made up your mind no matter where the pitch is, you are going to swing.  When I was pitching, I use to look for guys like Ryan but he does not do it as much as when a left hander is pitching. But as far as a right hander, you’re dead.  Shorten up on the bat a couple inches and hit everything up the middle.  The hell with home runs because if you get the hang of hitting the ball up the middle, short and compact, you will eventually hit home runs. But I believe that is all that he thinks about, hitting home runs because he thinks that is the only way that he will be allowed to be in the Big Leagues.  When I pitched,  I hated guys who hit it up the middle!

Let me say this and maybe a few have noticed: Have you seen how much better the team is with Carlos Guillen playing?  He is the “take charge” guy in the infield and certainly at this point in the season.  As he goes so go the Tigers.  Guillen is Mr. Stability and Mr. Consistency.  He is what they were missing all season.

If the TV Guys, Mario and Ron could not talk about the Radar Gun on the pitchers and the Pitching Counts how silent would the broadcasts actually be?

My God, guys. Lighten up with the pitch counts and the gun speeds.  You guys know like we know that the gun is a Dog & Pony Show.  It is all BS and just for the fans.

According to reports on ESPN and Joe Morgan, there is only one Radar Gun that is accurate, and that is in Anaheim. So lighten up guys.  Let’s have more information about the players, anecdotes about their careers. Let’s talk more about situational baseball, let the fans know before the ball is pitched and runners run what may occur, but guys, please lighten up on the stats and radar gun.

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  • Dave Mesrey

    Denny, the only way to watch the Tigers on TV these days is on mute. Those two bozos in the booth are insufferable.

    And if you can stomach Jimmy Price’s myriad malaprops, then do like The Rockets do: Turn up the radio.

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