Red Wings Fans Have Detroit AND Chicago Buzzing

Sports rivalries are always more intense when the teams involved are within close proximity of one another. Such is the case with the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks as they clash in the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 1995.

As two of the Original 6 NHL franchises, the Red Wings and Blackhawks have been squaring off against each other since 1926.  Friday night’s match up will be the 775th all-time meeting between the two teams.

An interesting twist to the rivalry is the fact that the Chicago area has been overrun with former-Metro Detroiters who have been moving the the Windy City in droves in pursuit of employment for the past eight years. 

Throughout Chicago, sports fans can be easily spotted wearing winged wheel jerseys and olde English D caps.  The phenomenon was on full display at this year’s Winter Classic game played at Wrigley Field.  Look for a large contingent of outspoken Red Wings enthusiasts at Chicago Stadium Friday night.

Here’s a great clip of a Bob Probert-Glen Cochrane fight from 1988 that took place on Chicago’s home ice.  Even 21 years ago, there were plenty of Red Wings fans in attendance.  This time around, it will be overwhelming.