Remembering Former Red Wing Peter Mahovlich

How we remember him: After playing parts of four seasons with the Wings in the late 1960s to start his 16 year career, Frank Mahovlich’s younger brother Peter blossomed in Montreal as a high scoring center while winning four Stanley Cups, three of them under Scotty Bowman. He is remembered for his spectacular shorthanded goal in game 2 of the famous 1972 Russia/ Canada Summit Series, a turning point for Team Canada, and for coming off the ice in the closing seconds of game 8 that allowed Paul Henderson to score the Summit series winning goal. The 6’5” “Little M”, a noted fun loving prankster, also played two seasons in Pittsburgh before ending his NHL career in Detroit.

Peter MahovlichAfter the Wings: Mahovlich finished his playing career in the minors with the Adirondack Red Wings in ’81-’82 and briefly as a player-coach with Toledo in ’85-’86. He also coached in the minors with Forth Worth, Denver, and Cape Breton, was a color commentator for Montreal and later served as a scout with Edmonton for two years.

Today: A resident of Glens Falls, New York, Mahovlich is in his tenth season as a pro scout for the Atlanta Thrashers. A few years ago he and his 1972 Team Canada teammates were inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in Toronto.

On playing for the Wings: “I enjoyed the people there, but it was frustrating not getting much of an opportunity to play in Detroit when my career started. The second time around I initially enjoyed it, playing with guys like Dale McCourt and Mike Foligno. I thought we would make the playoffs. Ted Lindsay (GM) tried to do the right thing but I don’t think he got the right support from the owner.” (Bruce Norris.)

On his favorite hockey memories: “ The 1972 Summit series experience, winning four Stanley Cups and playing in my first NHL game. The Wings called me up for a game in Boston which we won 1-0 and I assisted on Jimmy Peter’s goal. The Boston Gardens locker room had a bulb hanging down a string and there were two little shower heads sprinkling water. Let me tell you, there was no carpeting.”

On his all time favorite prank: “We were in the Chicago airport and the hockey writer Red Fisher was reading the paper. I snuck up and lit his newspaper. As the flame starts to climb up, I yelled, ‘there’s hot news Red!’……..We’re still friends.” (While playing for Montreal under coach Scotty Bowman, Mahovlich was given a $100 fine for missing curfew. When Mahovlich went up to Bowman to give him his money he handed the Hall of Fame Coach $200. “That’s for the next time Scotty” he said with a grin.

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  • Sharon McCall Mickey Miller

    I knew Pete and Candy Mahovlich when my ex-husband, Larry Mickey, and I became friends in Montreal while both players were with the Voyagers, then the Habs. Candy and I spent a lot of time together when our husbands were on the road.
    Pete was probably the nicest guy you could ever meet. I can still see his devilish grin while making one of his many wisecracks.
    Amazingly, our one-year-old son would practically jump into Pete’s arms when they would arrive at our apartment. However, he wouldn’t let Candy hold him. Of course, Pete stood at 6’5” while Candy was a beautiful little 5’2” nurse.
    I will always remember the good times we had many years ago with Pete and Candy.

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