Rod Allen’s Greatest Hit

Most Detroit Tigers fans probably have a hard time remembering current Fox Sports Network (FSN) announcer Rod Allen as a member of the 1984 championship team.  After all, Allen’s Major League Baseball career consists of a mere 31 games, 50 at bats, and a .220 batting average.

Allen, however, did play baseball in Japan and left a more memorable impression in that country.  After being beaned with a pitch during his oversea’s stint, Allen made a name for himself by chasing the pitcher across the entire field in a tirade that stopped play for over ten minutes.  A near riot ensued as both benches participated in the run down.  Allen was fit to be tied — and looked as though he lost his marbles.

Click on the clip below and check out the video for yourself.  You may agree that Rod Allen’s greatest hit during his playing days was actually a right hook!