San Francisco 31, Detroit 13

Add J.T. O’Sullivan and Mike Martz to a list of ex-coaches and players who’ve proven that they were not the cancer that made the Lions the consistent failure that they have become. Marty Mornhinweg, Joey Harrington and Dick Jauron highlight a small sampling of players and coaches who found greener pastures and successes. This latest attempt by the Lions was a total disgrace. They were manhandled at every facet of the game by the San Francisco 49ers, and no, Steve Young, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice or even Garrison Hearst were not involved in this one.

If you wanted a reason to think the Lions still had some hope this season, then you better quickly wash away the memories of this one. Why is it, that bottom dwellers like the Buffalo Bills or the Miami Dolphins now look like they’re back to their glory days under Jim Kelly and Bob Griese, respectively. Do you remember when every team, including the Royals, would make a run at the AL Central but the Tigers? Do you remember when the Pistons kept finding themselves in the path of the Bulls next championship run? We’ve hit that same feeling where you can’t help but wonder why it’s everyone else.

Your top receiver today – Rudi Johnson, 48 yards. Dan Orlovsky’s numbers – 0/1, 1 INT. The Lions recorded one sack. If you’ve thought you saw it all this week, wait until next week when backup Kevin Jones runs all over the Honolulu blue and silver. Oh wait – there’s a bye week first, which the 0-3 Lions worked so hard to earn.