Six Away from History

The Lions running game looked to be in full attack mode Sunday. Too bad the Panthers looked to be even better. For the fifth time in six games the Lions took the field looking for their first win and have nothing to show but a single-digit loss margin. This team is now at 0-10, a mere six games away from the NFL’s version of the “Hall of Shame”.

For those optimists, I will mention that if not for a blown call at the goal line, the Lions would have had it tied up in the fourth quarter. I would also mention that, even through his injured legs, Culpepper is the best QB the Lions have placed on the field this season. He knows how to run an NFL offense, the biggest criticism placed on Orlovsky and Stanton. His two-year deal is still questionable as a whole, but it provides security that the Lions will hopefully put the embarrassing loss to the Jags behind them.

For those reading the morning paper today there was a Web site mentioned that begged for the Lions to fill the NFL void in Los Angeles. In our city’s history this is not the first time a city has either threatened to leave and it likely won’t be the last. In fact, this isn’t even a threat, this is a local suggestion to another city. Unlike Fire Millen or Scott Mitchell + an expletive, this demonstrates a humiliation well beyond the job loss numbers we read about or the other difficult economic trends. 0-16’s biggest victim is not a single coach or GM, it’s the city that pays its hard-earned dollars to go to games, but cable packages and wear Lions apparel.

Most likely first win games in order:

1) 12/7 vs. Minnesota; 2) 11/23 vs. Tampa Bay; 3) 11/27 vs. Tennessee (they will put up a better fight than most think)

Not going to happen:

1) 12/28 @ Green Bay; 2) 12/21 vs. New Orleans; 3) 12/14 @ Indianapolis