Spartans to Receive Short Straw of Big Ten’s (11) Final Season

The BCS is disliked by over 80% of sports fans, that is except for this week when some haters are turned into believers. A combination of biased pollsters, computers, schedule strength and schedule fortunes, the BCS is the system that was meant to attempt to justify the previously unjustifiable. If you’re a Badgers or Buckeyes fan, the BCS standings already revealed what many pretty much knew – that just short of a PR miracle, the Badgers and Buckeyes will enjoy the riches of the BCS.

For the Spartans, the argument of the college football season as a three month playoff just got thrown out the window. If the Spartans beat the Badgers, and the Badgers beat the Buckeyes, then the Spartans should be in the top of the three, right? In a year when the Big Ten prepares to grow by one more, the league will soon have to deal with the same “what-if” controversies that happen in other leagues. Remember the Big XII fiasco with Texas Tech? How about the Oklahoma appearance in a National Championship after not seeing the league championship game? More teams means more problems – and this year’s Big Ten hasn’t seen the worst of it yet.

The Spartans look like that they’ll be enjoying some time in Orlando at this year’s Citrus Bowl as part of their consolation prize for sharing the title in this year’s Big Ten race. While previous Spartans teams would be thrilled to participate in the Big Ten’s second choice bowl, this year is not like any other year.

Dantonio looked freezing, but relieved to be on the sideline this past Saturday in Happy Valley. It’s been an unusual year for the head coach, starting with that primetime battle against the Irish. 11-1 brought tears and smiles, and there’s no doubt that they will not stop in preparation for the season’s final game. That is, if the