Stafford Injury is Latest Setback

The fact that the Lions have kept mostly quiet about their “golden arm” has been the biggest sign that something is wrong. Matthew Stafford has been a key factor for creating the buzz around this football team, and every time he comes off the ground holding his arm, it’s another “not again” from the fans. If Stafford has to be shut down for yet another lengthy period of time, it may be time for the Lions to take a different direction for 2011.

Tigers fans know very well how this carousel can go around. Joel Zumaya was another player with a “golden arm” when he broke camp to join the 2006 Tigers squad. Quickly the injuries started taking shape: 2006 – Guitar Hero wrist injury keeps him out of the ALCS, 2007 – finger rupture during bullpen warm-up, misses 12 weeks, 2008 – offseason moving of boxes crushes shoulder and causes him to miss half the season, 2009 – twice missed time on the DL/ended season with surgery, 2010 – scary injury at Target Field ends season.

To say the least, injury prone is injury prone. Whether you’re a starting quarterback or a set-up reliever, you are counted on by fans, coaches, and management to be a key member of the starting lineup. While it may have been in the back of their minds during the offseason, Shaun Hill was brought in for fill-in duty and as a safety net. Hill is still banged up, but the game against Buffalo will be under his watch. While this team will not necessarily lose a Super Bowl over his predecessor’s injury, Hill will be tasked to keep Lions fan spirits up. After all, he’s the guy for the final half of the season.